How to chose proper brackets & bonnets for ball valves?

Various types of brackets & bonnets

In Zipson’s product range, customers will find various type of brackets & bonnets. Sometimes this may confuse you, here are some ideas for you to chose the proper bracket or bonnet on valves.

Here are some bracket & bonnet types we usually use in the piping system,

1) bracket & adapter for actuator or gear operator
2) ZEB Series, stem extension for isolation
3) ZEMIB Series, fugitive emission bonnet
4) DMBR, direct mount bracket for 207F flange valve
5) ZLSBR bracket for limit switch box on manual valve
6) Cryogenic bonnet
7) Customized bonnet

* Bracket & adapter for actuator or gear operatorbracket BR05 for actuator, SS304

This bracket & adapter/ coupler are the most popular used for mounting actuators or gear operators when the valve is not ISO5211 direct mount designed or as a switch connection for the larger actuator/ gear operator.
These SS304 bent or cast iron brackets are also very good to keep the heat of the valve media from damage the sealing O-ring in the actuators by the open bracket design.

Sometimes the stem may need higher strength material such as 17-4 when the valve torque is too high to twist the SS316 standard adapter.

stem extension (EB bracket), CF8 (304)* ZEB Series, stem extension for isolation

The ZEB series stem extension was mainly designed for thermal isolation. When the valves are covered by the isolated material, it doesn’t interfere the valve operation. The advantage of this bonnet is economic and direct mount to the valves with ISO direct mount top work. Furthermore, this stem extension has no sealing ability.

* ZEMIB Series, fugitive emission bonnet

fugitive emission bonnet with detect portThe ZEMIB emission bonnet is a unique design to provide second protection of stem leakage. In order to stop the emission of toxic or dangerous media from valve neck after thousands operations, the ZEMIB bonnet has a complete set of live-loaded stem sealing design with disk washer (Belleville washer). Below the sealing, there is a port for sniffer to detect the leakage before releasing to the environment.

The bottom of the emission bonnet have a PTFE/ TFM sealing gasket for the top of the valve ISO flange. This will make sure the fugitive mission gas will not leak to the environment. Usually the ISO direct mount valves have windows in the neck, these windows need to be welded or to cast without windows for the emission bonnet.

* DMBR, direct mount bracket for 207F flange valve

This direct mount bracket is exclusive produced for Zipson’s 207F valve size over 5″. In order to mount the actuator or gear operator directly.

* ZLSBR bracket for limit switch box on manual valvemanual ball valve with limit switch box

This distinct bracket is designed for the manual valve but with a limit switch box. The handle-bracket set helps the users to connect both the valve & limit switch box directly.

* Cryogenic bonnet

Cryogenic bonnet for 207C & 305C are the special bonnet for cryogenic valves only. We suggest to use the cryogenic valve with cryogenic bonnet as the working temperature under -100°C. The height is according to Shell SPE 77 200-2013 standard.

* Customized bonnet

Except above bracket/ bonnets, we are pleased to offer customized bonnet for your special requirement, such as the super long bonnet, bonnet for larger size valve…etc.