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Zispon Valve is a specialist of ball valve & other valves manufacturing & steel casting over 30 years. You can easily find the right products here with the best support from Zipson team. From alloy steel materials to the valves for critical working condition, just send a mail to Zipson to make your life easier!

Zipson’s EB series ball valve stem extension is mainly designed for thermal isolation. The 75mm (3″) high extended bonnet is convenient for users to cover the thermal insulation material over the valves and pipes without interfering with the valve operation.

stem extension for ball valve, EB series, top view

Zipson’s 501F/ 501T/ 620 bottom entry ball valve provides more possibility than multi-way ball valves. The 3D flow patterns allow the users to design a cost wise and compact piping system.  

  • 1/4″ to 8″; DN08 to DN200
  • 3/4/5-Ways
  • Flange Ends/ T-Clamp
  • Thread/ Socket Weld/ Butt Weld/ Tube Weld Ends
  • Option: Cavity filler/ Different Seat/ Sealing Materials
zipson valve

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Zipson metal seat

  • 1/4″ to 6″; DN08 to DN150
  • Flange Ends
  • Thread/ SW/ BW Ends
  • T/L Ball Flow Pattern
  • High temperature, particles contained media

Zipson valve 110F, top entry flange ball valve expand the size up to 6″ (DN150) for now. The Easy-Adjusting gland design helps the users to tighten the nuts of gland without dismantling the valve.

The valve is also with ISO 5211 direct mount pad, easy to assemble both pneumatic or electric actuator or gear operator.

710C, spring loaded check valve, 3D

710C spring check valve is designed for single direction flow control of gas, steam or various of fluid. The spring check valve can be set in vertical or other degrees on the pipe line to provide very flexible usage.

710C, spring loaded check valve