Hygienic Treatment

Hygienic treatment for ball valves

302S, 3-pc sanitary ball valve, EP finishZipson has been provided sanitary valves or hygienic products for decades and are cooperating with some top famous customers who are dealing with pharmaceutical, medical service, semiconductor, sanitary or beverage with Zipson sanitary ball valves. Here is a brief introduction for what we offered and achieved.

Material for sanitary, hygiene, pharma, medical service, biotech

The sanitary valves need hygienic treatment to let the valve suitable for hygienic or clean pipe system. In material, CF3M/ 1.4435 (SS316L) are standard, some system allow CF8M (SS316), but CF3M/ 1.4435 (SS316L) is more popular in the field. For others, CN3MN (AL6XN) may be required, and CX2MW (Hastelloy C-22) is asked for harsh corrosive fluid mainly in pharmaceutical system.

In pharma system, the other ask is low Ferriet <3% or even <1% contented in the casting. This is compatible with material requirement in BPE standard.Sample of Zipson anti-microbial SS

Moreover, Zipson also offer special anti-microbial (anti-bacterial) stainless steel via Zipson’s foundry. The material utilize in all Zipson’s products, with both microbial inhibition and sterilization. The result of test according to JIS Z 2801 shows significant 100% microbial-killing ratio within 24 hours in the lab.

End connection & filler

There are many different types of end connection in this filed. They could be BPE T-Clamp/ Tube weld/ Extended Tube weld/ ISO1127/ Extended ISO1127/ DIN11850/ Extended DIN11805/ SMS3008…and so on. Zipson is available to offer them all. Filler also play very important role in sanitary/ hygiene treatment, 3A asked this for dairy industries. The cavity filler also help to keep the media from depositing in the valve cavity. 

Electropolished valve

The Electropolished (EP) treatment is a kind of surface finish. This treatment is not only to increase the aesthetic value to make the casting shining or good looking, but also to remove the embeded contaminant substance and the top of the casting material itself. This will help to add the ability of corrosion resistance.

Self-flushing valve

Self-flusing, cleaning ball valve (302S)The self-flushing or called self-cleaning design is to use the media itself to flush the valve cavity, ball , seats to remove all the remained media as it run through the valve. Zipson’s self-flushing valves can help users to save much energy and cost over valve cleaning and all the task of dismantling and assembling after cleaning.


Except regular measurement tools, like vernier caliper, torque wrench, CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) and pressure test equipment, in order to control the quality of hygienic valve, Zipson use surface roughness meter and feritscope (which is to measure the ferrite content) to make sure all the valves and products are good before shipment.

When the goods ready, besides standard carton/ pallet package, hygienic valve will be packed with additional plastic bag and seal it to make sure it will not been contaminated during transportation.

Sanitary/ Hygienic valves

  • End: T-Clamp/ Tube Weld/ Extended Tube Weld/ SMS 3008
  • Material: CF8M (SS316)/ CF3M, 1.4435 (SS316L)/ CX2MW (Hastelloy C-22)
  • End: ISO 1127/ Extended ISO 1127/ DIN 11850/ Extended DIN 11850
  • Material: CF8M (SS316)/ CF3M, 1.4435 (SS316L)
  • End: T-Clamp/ Tube Weld
  • Material: CF8M (SS316)/ CF3M, 1.4435 (SS316L)
  • End: ISO 1127/ DIN 11850/
  • Material: CF8M (SS316)/ CF3M, 1.4435 (SS316L)