All the Zipson Certificates got help us to be a better valve supplier for wider range of ball valve & other products. Based on ISO 9001 & PED/ CE, Zipson has complete certificate amount valve, fire safe, fugitive emission, sanitary, casting foundry

Valve Certificate

ISO 9001 of Zipson

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is the most based certificate related to others.

PED-AD2000 Certificate of Zipson


CE/ PED, Pressure Equipment directive, PED, 97/23/EC

API607 Certificate of Zipson

API 607

API 607, fire test, over Zipson types of 207, 305, 306, 107

ISO 15848 Certificate of Zipson

ISO 15848

ISO 15848 fugitive emission certificate with -29°C, 150°C

TA-Luft Certificate of Zipson


TA-Luft, fugitive emission certificate for high cycle test

SIL 2 of Zipson


Safety instrumented system up to SIL 2

CRN of Zipson


Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for certain Zipson valves

KHK Japan Certificate of Zipson

KHK Japan

The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (KHK)

ATEX Certificate of Zipson


ATEX directive defines the essential health and safety requirement

MSS-SP134, Zipson cryogenic valve test

MSS SP-134

Zipson cryogenic valve test at -196°C on both high & low pressure

Sanitary/ Pharmaceutical

3A Certificate of Zipson


The 3A certificate cover Zipson's 302S, 620A 2/3/4-way sanitary valves

EC-1935 Certificate of Zipson

EC 1935

EC 1935 approved the food contact materials meet the regulation

EU-10-2011 Certificate of Zipson

EU 10 2011

This approved the plastic materials Zipson used are safe to contact food

PED-AD2000 Certificate of Zipson

AD 2000

German AD 2000 for Zipson foundry is for pressure vessels or other pressure equipment

RoHS Certificate of Zipson foundry


This approved Zipson's products free from the hazardous substances

ASTM G48 Practice A Test-CE3MN


Ferric Chloride Pitting Test for CE3MN (Super Duplex 5A) of ZIPSON Castings on ASTM G48 Practice A