Hastelloy C Ball Valve

Hastelloy C Ball Valve

Hastelloy C276 (CW12MW) valve end castingHastelloy C276 (CW12MW, the casting grade), the Nicale-base material is a wonderful corrosion resistance alloy and also very widely used in high temperature working condition. Hastelloy C ball valve has excellent ability to resist strong oxidizers such as ferric, cupric chlorides, and chlorine. The material is also a good choice for most of the corrosive and aggressive fluid problem.

Due to it’s excellent corrosion resistance on various aggressive media, the Hastelloy C276 ball valves are suitable for biotech, chemical, petrochemical….etc.

Hastelloy C22 Ball Valve

Hastelloy C22 ball valve, flange, CX2MWHastelloy C22 (CX2MW, the casting grade) also called “New Hastelloy C” material, which has better corrosion resistance baility than Hastelloy C. Hastelloy C22 ball valve is popular in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Hastelloy C in Zipson Valve

Zipson stock both Hastelloy ball valve and Hastelloy C22 ball valve in house. For Hastelloy C valve, we offer 305D, 3-pc ball valve and 207F, 2-pc flange ball valve.

Zipson stock both 302S, 3-pc sanitary ball valve and 305D, 3-pc ball valve for Hastelloy C22 material.