Alloy 20 Ball Valve

Alloy 20 ball valve, body, CN7MAlloy 20 Ball Valve

Alloy 20 (CN7M, the casting grade) is widely used in most of the aggressive acid fluid, especially sulfuric acid & aerospace cryogenic fuel tanks with low density and exhibits high strength.

Regarding sulfuric acid (H2SO4), Alloy 20 is suitable for low concentration 10% to high concentration 100% in room temperature. For some dyeing and finishing industries, Alloy 20 valve is very helpful in some corrosive processes to prolong the life time of pipes.

Alloy 20 ball valve, CN7M, 2-pc valveAlloy 20 Valve in Zipson

Zipson stock Alloy 20 valves in house. We offer 201D, 2-pc ball valve, 207F, 2-pc flange ball valve, and 302F, 3-pc ball valve in Alloy 20 material.