Bottom Entry Ball Valve

Bottom entry ball valve

Bottom entry valve is a kind of multi-way ball valve, which allows 3D flow direction to expand the possibility of a valve use in the pipe system. The ball valve with bottom port is suitable for media of water, gas, oil, steam and even food & beverage with different seat/ sealing materials. 

Various combination & options

Zipson’s 501F/ 501T/ 620 series are available for bottom entry design. The sizes are widely from 1/4″ (DN08) to 8″ (DN200). The end connection can be Flange/ Thread/ Socket Weld/ Butt Weld/ T-Clamp/ Tube Weld. Ball play a very important role in the multi-way ball valve, especially in bottom entry ones. From the common vertical L to LL-port, T-vertical are available.

ball patterns for bottom entry ball valveThe valve can be with 3-ports/ 4-ports/ 5-ports in bottom entry valves. The cavity filler is also available in this type.

High quality valves

All of the valve constructions are casted in Zipson’s foundry. This is an advantage to control the casting quality and easy to trace the production procedures to shorten the lead-time. All Zipson’s valves are produced by orders. Each process needs the supervisor’s confirmation then it’s allowed to move to the next production station and all these steps are recorded clearly in the documents to store for over 10 years.CMM-1-Ziposn quality control (TESA)