Zipson Casting Foundry

Zipson casting foundry

Zipson has been launched in casting business for more than 30 years. Involved both sand and investment casting in the beginning. Now, we have 2 foundries, one in Taiwan and the other one in Vietnam.
wax for investment casting in Zipson foundryExcept own valve parts castings, Zipson also provides customized casting and precise machining process. This one stop service save customer’s time and effort to find different process suppliers. And the quality can be uniformly controlled.casting shell in Zipson foundry


Continuous progress and stable quality is our constant target. Based on this principle, Zipson applied for ISO 9001:2015, PED 2014/68/EU, AD2000 and RoHS in order to make every process following SOP (Standard Operating Procedures), all products complying with approved design and standard, also all casting materials being recognized.

Various materials as option

With own foundry, Zipson could nearly provide any kind of customized casting parts and materials required by customers to satisfy different applications or even critical working environments. For example CE3MN (Super Duplex, 5A)/ CK3MCuN (254 SMO) for seawater desalination or marine equipment, CW12MW (Hastelloy C)/ CX2MW (Hastelloy C-22) for semiconductor, pharmaceutical industries, CX2M (Alloy 59) for mining industry or stainless steel with low ferrite (≦0.1) which is getting valued in pharmaceutical industry.

Some fire fighting equipment are gradually transfer to use stainless steel.  Zipson is experienced in producing these balls, gooseneck pipes, inlet pipes, and outlet pipes. Pump housings for sea water are also popular in Zipson casting foundry.

Manufacturing/ inspection equipment

* Casting flow simulation system

flow simulation sample in ZipsonTo save the development time and cost of newly developed products, Zipson use a casting flow simulation system to calculate the flow, which helps to find a better casting program in a short time and reduce the failure rate.


With spectrometer, we are able to control the material composition precisely. We check the material before pouring to make sure each element falling in the correct range and the specimens normally be kept for 10 years.

* ERP system & Semi-automatic robotic arm

lap top, ERP system in ZipsonIn order to improve management capabilities, speed up scheduling and production progress, we upgraded the software & hardware equipment. With the help of the ERP system, the orders placed by customers could be expanded into parts lists in few seconds. The production department could transfer the instruction to the person in charge directly for processing without wasting time and reducing human negligence. After a semi-automatic robotic arm installed, the slurry department are half-released from the heavy shell and increase the speed.

* Feritscope

feritscope“Low ferrite” is getting valued by customers, especially sanitary and pharmaceutical industries. Zipson care about customer needs. To complete the task, now, we are able to provide low Ferrite<3% or 1%. Before each pouring, the specimen will be measured and recorded.

* Environmental protection

Zipson casting foundry do her best to invest the most effective casting furnaces & crucibles to save power energies and try to reduce the use of any drop of fossil fuel. We also invest the pollution control equipment for both air and water. With at least 30% margin processing ability, we can make sure the air or water released from Zipson are clean. Zipson try not to leave any burden to the earth by any economical activities.