Customized Products

Customized Ball Valves

You might be developing specialized application for a challenging flow control system or with special material requirement. If none of Zipson’s existing products meet your requirement, we can also provide customized ball valves, special valve or other products.

Experienced Engineers (ODM/OEM)

We have casting specialist and valves design engineers from our own foundry and valve assembly plant. In years of ODM valve, OEM valve experience, we’ve managed to provide our customers with valves of

customized ball valves

 special metal, with special soft kit material, or of specific design standard. For example, high grade duplex valves or valves with restrict sanitary standard. These experiences equipped our engineers with vast knowledge in material and the ability to offer design that comply with ISO/ ASME/ EN standards.


Owning our own foundry and machining/assembly plant give us the advantage of close cooperation between departments. Communication between engineers and production team is clear and direct, and they have mutual understanding on all products and projects. Our engineers can receive immediate and complete feedback on products during early prototyping stage. This ensure that all potential problems will be solved before mass production.

3D Printed Valve Sample

Zipson have over 5000 different valve components in stock for our ball valve products and accessories. It allows us to come up with new design ideas more quickly. Zipson foundry also makes it easier for us to manufacture and test new design before mass production. If the customer needs a sample urgently, we can also provide 3D print plastic valve prototype for quick evaluation. Since we can make most components ourselves, it also helps us on cost control and lead to good price for customized products.

Fast delivery

Our casting team and assembly team always work closely. The overall production schedule is clear and well-integrated. Special production schedule arrangement for both casting and assembly is easier to made possible when requested.

One Stop Service

Zipson has the ability to design and manufacture the customized ball valves. With our engineers and production team in foundry and valve plants. We can be your trustworthy partner who can provide all kinds of support throughout the process. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and share with us your need and idea.