EB Series, Stem Extension

stem extension (EB bracket), CF8 (304)Ball valve stem extension

Zipson’s EB series ball valve stem extension is mainly designed for thermal isolation. The 75mm (3″) high extended bonnet is convenient for users to cover the thermal insulation material over the valves and pipes without interfering with the valve operation.

ISO direct mount extension

stem extension for ball valve, EB series, bottom viewThe advantage of EB stem extension is ISO 5211 direct mount drilling on both sides. The ISO5211/ DIN3337 standard top work and stem connection allow the users to mount the extension on the valve and actuator which has the same standard (F03 to F12). Manual operation is also available with Zipson’s valves, what the user needs to do is just remove the handle set and re-assemble on the top of the EB extension.  

Ruggedized and high quality

Zipson’s thermal isolation extensions are very well designed and produced in Taiwan for long term operation. High quality investment casting on bonnet and SS304 for stem connection provide a wide range of use for most of the industries. Other materials are available when required, such as CF3M (SS316L).

The EB series bonnet doesn’t have sealing ability. For emission purpose, please chose Ziposn’s ZEMIB, fugitive emission bonnet.