Antimicrobial SS

Food, Beverage, Biotech

610A, 3-way sanitary ball valve, T-ClampMany people see stainless steel as a symbol of quality and cleanliness because of its smooth and bright surface. Equipment made with this material is easy to be cleaned and last for a long time. It is massively used in medical equipment and kitchen utensils, and also used in food industry pipeline pharmaceutical piping system. However, it’s not bacteria resistant. Some bacteria may inevitably be left on the surface occasionally. Zipson’s antimicrobial SS is a new material for higher level.

99.9% germ killed in 24 hours

antimicrobial SS sampleWith the help of Metal Industries Research & Development Center (MIRDC) , Zipson is able to produce stainless steel castings in Zipson foundry with antimicrobial property. We achieve this by incorporating silver and copper Silver compound into the surface with a specific content. Silver and copper is known for its feature of suppressing the growth of bacteria. With some of these materials in the surface of stainless steel, bacteria growth on the surface will be suppressed, and then die off. Zipson has asked a professional lab to conduct the sterilization rate on our antimicrobial stainless steel sample.According to the test result, our sample can keep sterilization rate up to 99.9% in 24 hours.

wax for investment casting in Zipson foundryNot only ball valves, Zipson offer antimicrobial stainless steel casting parts for most of the industrial equipment which touch the materials have the potential risk of bacterial increasing such as food, biotech, beverage…etc. 

Permanent antimicrobial ability

It is very efficient against some of the very often found and troublesome bacterial in piping system : Staphylococcus aureus, new streptococcus pneumoniae, escherichia coli, salmonella, pseudomonas aeruginosa. Also, antimicrobial stainless steel is still very hard and resistant to wear and tear during cleaning. It still maintains all mechanical property of stainless steel. What’s better is that the antimicrobial property is permanent. It won’t be wear off after any rubbing, polishing or cleaning. Equipment made with this material can prevent the spread of bacteria and even diseases. With the rising demand of medical supplies and the more and more strict sanitary regulations for manufacturers, there is a great potential of antimicrobial SS demand for this material.