Kits for Valve, Stem Extension, V-Ball, Emission Bonnet, Repair Kits....etc.

Kits for valves

Valve parts to complete the valve functions

Zipson provide complete accessories for valves especially ball valves. Customers can easily use these parts to extend the functions of the valves to suit their special need. This page shows most of these items such as V-notch ball, T/L-port ball for multi-way ball valve, stem extension, extended bonnet, fugitive emission bonnet, casted handle, oval handle, and soft kits for valve replacement….etc. Zipson is keeping bring new items each year to expand the uses.

The one stop shop business is available here, the DNA in Zipson is to think outside of the box to support customers.

ZEB, Stem Extension/ Extended Bonnet

Size: 1/4"~4"/ N08-100

stem extension (EB bracket), CF8 (304)
  • CF8 (SS304) precise investment casting bonnet
  • Both side ISO 5211 pattern flange
  • 75mm high
  • Good design for thermal isolation
  • No sealing function
  • With handle & locking function
  • Other materials are available when require

ZEMIB, Fugitive Emission Bonnet

Size: 1/4"~12"/ N08-350

fugitive emission bonnet with detect port
  • CF8 (SS304) precise investment casting bonnet
  • Both side ISO 5211 pattern flange
  • Sealing ability with Belleville washer for self adjusting packing
  • With detect port for sniffer

V-Ball, T/L/X-Port Ball, Trunnion Ball

Size: 1/4"~12"/ N08-350

V-ball or T, L-port ball, stainless, Zipson valve
  • CF8M (SS316) ball as standard
  • V-notch can be 15°/ 30°/ 45°/ 60°/ 90°/ slot, easy to replace for required flow rate
  • T/L/X/I-port or other vertical balls for bottom entry valve
  • Trunnion balls for high pressure or multi-way ball valves
  • Self-flushing ball
  • Special alloy ball are available when require, Zipson usually stock Super Duplex, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy C-22, 254 SMO, Alloy 20, Monel balls
  • Hard Chrome coating & polishing

HCH, Cast Handle

Size: 1/4"~4"/ DN08-100

casting handle for ball valves
  • Investment casting, CF8 (SS304)
  • Heavy duty design
  • Suitable for DIN3337 (diamond shape) stem
  • Available for 2-way or 3-way/ 4-way ball valve
  • Other materials are available when required

EHJ/ EHP, Oval Handle

Size: 1/4"~2"/ DN08-50

Oval handle on 1-pc ball valve
  • For square (ISO5211)/ diamond (DIN3337) stem or double D stem
  • SS304 with plastic sleeve
  • Locking device
  • The lever of oval handle is short, be careful to consider the valve torque when assemble the oval handle

Repair Kits, PTFE, TFM, PEEK, Graphite...Etc

Size: 1/4"~12"/ N08-350

seat materials
  • Various material for options, PTFE, RPTFE, PTFE+Carbon, PTFE+SS, TFM1600, TFM4215, PEEK, PEEK+Carbon, Graphite…etc.
  • Very well design for low torque & high life cycles
  • FDA/ 3A/ AOF & ADCF/ BPA Free/ EU 10/2011 approval when required
  • Other materials are available when require
  • Metal seats are available
  • Low torque seat design for low pressure working condition
  • Customized seat/ sealing design for unique purpose