What is a valve with spring return handle?

Spring handle/ Dead man handle for valve, SH01

ZIPSON’s SH01, spring return handle (also called dead man handle) is suitable for most of ZIPSON valves, especially the 2-way ball valve & small size 3-way valve.

SH01 is designed to mount upon the ISO 5211 direct mounting pad. In one hand, it makes assembly easier when customer would like to replace the normal handle to SH01. In the other hand, it helps reducing the stock, customer could assemble the handle by themselves just after end user make their decision. It is suitable for different items but with same ISO pad and stem dimension.

Valve with SH01 serves a specific purpose. For example, Without it, to perform a job that requires that an unattended valve must not be left open would be difficult. However, SH01 makes it easy because the handle will automatically shut itself off when you release of the handle. This is due to spring action, without the pressure against the spring, the handle will return to its original position. 

How to chose a suitable spring return handle?

There are only 2 simple steps for chosing a suitable handle.  The first one is to make sure the torque output value of SH01 is larger than the valve break torque (with safety factor). The next step is to review the connection of squire stem and ISO flange suits the top work of the valve. If not, the extra bonnet (such as Zipons’s EB series) may be required. The torque strength of the handle is adjustable by simply adjusting the nut of the spring in the handle pipe. 

Locking function & anti-loose nuts

All Zipson’s SH01 handles are with locking function to prevent the people not related to the valve from operating it. The SH01 spring handle are with anti-loose nuts (NYLOK). It helps the SH01 handles to mount firmly upon the valves since the vibration on pipe line or the valve on a truck or other vehicles.