Pneumatic Actuator for Valves

Zipson Z-series pneumatic actuatorValve with pneumatic actuator

To control a complicated piping system, the valve with pneumatic actuator is a cost effective choice. With the solenoid valve and limit switch box, the valve with automation set can easily achieve a less manpower plant.

In Zipon, the Z series pneumatic actuator is well known with it’s stable quality and high cycle operations.

136W, automation, with gear operator, actuator, solenoid valve, EP positioner, air filterDirect mount valve

The valve with the automation system requires the ball valve with ISO 5211 direct mounting pad. Most of the Zipson’s products were designed with the ISO direct mounting pad. The specific design will save not only the cost of the bracket & adapter but also the space in the factory to make the automatic unit become compact.

For some larger size valves, Zipson provides the direct mount bracket for option. Or suitable bracket & adapter to support. Zipson helps our customers to mount the actuators with other automatic accessories and test before shipment.

valve assemble with torque wrench in ZipsonThe valves for actuation always need stable torques, and this is very important. In Zipson’s production procedures, from incoming QC inspection, assembled by torque wrench to the complete valve torque torque measurement, every step follows the instruction.

Automation accessories

APL-510N, ex-proof limit switch boxTo save manpower and reach out to remote valves, more accessories for automation are needed as a unit. In Zipson customers can easily purchase the solenoid valve, limit switch box, electric positioner and declutch gear operator for manual override.

We are confident that we can provide the best actuator solution for all our customers. Please review our webpages and catalogue for more details and start to contact us.